It’s Going To Cost How Much ? | Wedding Photography Pricing – What You’re Paying For

Wedding Photography Costs | The Lowdown It’s Going To Cost How Much ...... ? I’m guessing that you’ve set the date, booked the church/wedding venue & reception, and now you’re looking for your wedding photographer. As you look at their prices, you’re taken aback that they’re so much more than you’d thought you’d need pay. Let me... Continue Reading →


Choosing Your Wedding Photographer | Decoded

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer | Decoded Wedding Photography | Decoded by Ballet News on January 27, 2016 in Cheryl’s Conversations Wedding Photography | Decoded Photograph by Cheryl Angear Photography I see couples in a quandary over which wedding photographer to choose, and I want to decode the mystery for you right now. Two decisions to make Choices. Basically, there are only two... Continue Reading →

How to Feng Shui Your Wedding Day

How to Feng Shui Your Wedding Day Feng Shui noun Thousands of years old, Feng Shui is a Chinese system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi). Working with these principles can benefit you in your life, health, career and relationships. Is there a more... Continue Reading →

How To Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day

Venue, tick. Reception, tick. Photographer, tick. Dress, flowers, invitations, speeches, shoes, rings and …. If you’re preparing for your wedding, you’ve got a long to-do list, right ? Let’s tick another off the list – your hair and make-up. Prep in this area really pays off because you deserve to look fabulously flawless in your photographs, which are probably going to... Continue Reading →

Wedding Inspiration

Looking for ideas for your wedding day ? I've curated a pinterest board filled with wedding ideas. Please follow the link below to see the full edit.   Follow BALLET NEWS's board I Do. on Pinterest.

Your Wedding Day Timeline | Why It’s Important

Your Wedding Day Timeline | Why It's Important When you begin planning your wedding day, talking to suppliers and signing contracts to secure their services on your date can seem overwhelming. When you have chosen your wedding photographer, around 6 weeks before your wedding day you'll be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing everything that's important to... Continue Reading →

Pre-Wedding/Engagement Shoots

Thinking of a location for your engagement shoot ? Whether you're a bride or groom-to-be looking for the perfect spot, or a wedding photographer tasked with making it happen, here's some food for thought..... An engagement shoot can be great for several reasons : a hair and/or make-up trial to get to know each other... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Cheryl Angear Photography

Welcome to Cheryl Angear Photography. It's lovely to see you here. Please pull up a chair, and let's talk weddings! I hope you've landed here because you're planning a wedding and need a photographer. I'd love to talk to you about your plans for your day, because the most important thing is that you have... Continue Reading →

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