The Wedding Photographers Kit That Has Nothing To Do With Gear

The Wedding Photographers Kit That Has Nothing To Do With Gear

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Photo by Cheryl Angear

Some of you know that since last year I’ve followed a fork in the road that has led me towards wedding photography. It’s such an interesting journey and there are, and have been, endless surprises! For example, as a fully fledged wedding photographer I know that I want to offer my clients an experience. After the wedding, I don’t want them to simply acknowledge that I’ve done my job; I want them to be evangelists for my brand, to spread the word and refer clients back to me, and for that to happen they must be aware of my brand on an experiential level.

One of the surprises I discovered was that delivering an experience that my clients would love involves me packing a tote bag filled with a myriad of things that the bridal party, guests (or I) might need on any given wedding day. Not all photographers do this – so when you’re booking and if you’re looking for someone who demonstrates how they’ll go the extra mile for you, ask what they pack and see what transpires.

Now, this is no ordinary tote bag. The list is incredible and I’m going to share it with you here. Seriously, would you imagine that your wedding photographer would be able to step in if you needed first aid, or a needle and thread, or an emergency manicure ?

Well, I want my clients to know that I have their back, and here’s how it happens.

The Kit List

A gorgeous hanger to photograph the dress on

Jewellers posing wax

Glue Dots


Double-sided tape

Sewing Kit

Nail scissors

White clothes peg (to secure the veil on a windy day)

Safety pins


Hair grips/hair band


Lip Balm


Dental Wax




Eye Drops

Tide stain remover stick

Baby wipes

Mini water bottles

Crochet Hook

Bobby Pins

Ear Plugs


Small hand mirror

Cotton balls


Florist Wire



First Aid Kit

Lint roller

Wedding Sparklers (the very long ones)



If you’re getting married and like the idea of working with a photographer who has your back, let’s innovate and talk about creating authentic, custom photography for your wedding day.


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