What Is The Meaning Of Something Old, Something New…

Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

pearl wedding shoes

But what does this traditional rhyme actually mean, and do you need to do anything specific for your wedding ?

Everyone has heard of the four things that a bride needs on her wedding day; but did you know there are actually five ? The last line of the rhyme is often forgotten.

This rhyme details what a bride should wear on her wedding day to bring good luck. It’s believed to originate from Lancashire with the oldest written reference in an 1871 issue of St. James magazine.

Something old

This is believed to offer continuity in the form of protection to any baby born to the bride.

Something new

This is a bit of a mystery but is believed to convey optimism for the future of the couple.

Something borrowed

Traditionally, this should be something that another (happy) bride has worn, so that you’re literally borrowing happiness; better still if the garment has been worn by a happy bride who has had children. This is because it was believed that the borrowed garment would ward off spurned suitors.

Something blue

This is another of those devices to ward off the evil eye. Blue is a symbol of purity, love and fidelity and it was recommended to wear a blue garter under a white wedding dress.

And a silver sixpence in her shoe

The final, often missed line of the rhyme, which denotes good fortune and prosperity for the couple. Again, the silver was believed to be a device to ward off the evil eye of spurned suitors.



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