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How To Have Happy Feet On A Wedding Day

wedding, flowers, bouquet, bride, bridesmaids, white, wedding photography, Cheryl Angear Photography

How To Have Happy Feet On A Wedding Day

wedding, flowers, bouquet, bride, bridesmaids, white, wedding photography, Cheryl Angear Photography

Photograph by Cheryl Angear Photography

For a photographer, a wedding day is often a long day (8+ hours) and can be a hot mess of moving parts – in the best possible way, of course! It’s an exciting, thrilling┬áchallenge to be at the centre of such an important day and there’s enough to keep track of without having aching feet.

I’ve found that the Birkenstock footbed is hands down (pardon the pun!) the best for my feet. After 10+ hours standing, there wasn’t a sign of pain or soreness.

I bought the Gizeh Exquisite Leather in Black. Are they pretty ? Heck no, and I can tell you a story about mine! They arrived on my birthday, and I couldn’t bear to open them – I didn’t want to look at them, it was bad enough that I’d bought them ! – to the point where one of my friends opened them for me and, Cinderella-like, put them on my feet. Well, I was dismayed. They felt hard and unyielding, they were completely black (I chose the Limited Edition style where the footbed is black rather than tan because I wear all black for weddings) and I really didn’t like the look of them one bit.

It probably took me a couple of months to break them in – during which time I wanted to pack them away almost daily.

BUT, I’m so glad I didn’t. Somewhere along the line they moulded to my feet and now I’m at the stage where I am as attached to them as I’ve found so many other people are – whether or not they are photographers. Now, I understand! They aren’t cheap either, but I gather that they can be practically rebuilt if necessary which means they shouldn’t ever need replacing. Now there’s a novelty for a shoe!

I do wish they looked better on my feet, came in jazzy patterns and colours and didn’t take an age to wear in, but now that I have cracked it, I would not look back. Now I’m on the hunt for a Birkenstock that I can wear during winter weddings! Who’d have thought it ??!!