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As you may know, I’m Cheryl, owner of Cheryl Angear Photography, and I love custom designing wedding photography for my clients. What does that mean ? In practice, it means that you receive the photos that matter to you, so that your wedding day is just that.

Not keen on formal group shots ? Feel awkward posing for shots ? Just want to spend time with your friends & family ?

No problem. We’ll work together to photograph your day in a way that suits you.

I offer my clients (and their guests) an unrivalled experience. It’s not only about the photos : it’s about how we make them.  I’ll be there if you need first aid, or a needle and thread, or an emergency manicure.

I’m based in Surrey and cover Surrey, London & Hampshire.

If you’re looking for editorial, authentic and fun photographs, you’re in the right place.

Why are the photos important ?

When you’ve kicked up your heels, shaken a tail feather and the dust has settled, your photos are the only tangible things you’ll have from your wedding day.

They hold the moments of your day. When you look at your photos, they’ll take you back to how you felt on that day. And they’ll be there for others to look at them and feel the same way too.

Why should you commission me ?

I pay attention to detail and I work fast. I think that’s crucial. You want gorgeous photos capturing all the special moments on your wedding day but you also want to party and enjoy time with your guests, right ?

I’ll be right there with you through the lead-up to your wedding day and my sole aim is to deliver the kind of day that you want. I’ll make suggestions based on my experience but ultimately – it’s your day.

What is it going to cost ?

Probably around 10% of your budget. As a guide, in 2017 the average cost of wedding photography in the UK was £1480.

The cost doesn’t only include 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day, it also covers the post-production process of editing your images and delivering them to you via an online gallery. If you’ve chosen to include an album, the cost also covers the process of editing, proofing, two rounds of revisions and delivering the final product to you.

So rather than say it’s going to cost X, regardless of what you actually want, I prefer to listen to your wishes and price accordingly. Maybe you only want 2 hours of coverage over the ceremony. Maybe you don’t want an album, or maybe you’ll decide you do want one but after you’ve seen the photos. Perhaps you want every last thing covered over three locations and I’ll need a second photographer and an assistant on the day. As you can see, what you want on your day & how you’ve planned it directly influences the cost.

I look forward to talking all things wedding with you

If you’re getting married and like the idea of working with a photographer who has your back, let’s innovate and talk about creating authentic, custom photography for your wedding day.  I’ll be over the moon to talk things through with you. The more detail you can give me, the more accurate I can quote for my photography services. Please don’t feel awkward about contacting me to find out what it’s likely to cost – that’s the best way !


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